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All New for 2015!

The New Laser Therapeutics Evolution SL50 Evolution Cluster Laser is now available! The SL50 Evolution incorporates a host of advanced features in a Class 3R laser device. It is ideal for all skin types for wrinkle reduction, pain relief and as an aid to more beautiful skin. It now includes user changeable rechargeable batteries and and will operate on or off the skin. Use it in your anti-aging program and you will be amazed at the results. Now Power cord connects directly to the laser without a charging stand.

Suggested Retail $409.00 /plus shipping.

Complete System Includes:
The all new SL50 Evolution cluster is a revolutionary Class 3R laser. It incorporates both 635nm red laser and 830nm infra-red laser, a massage feature and both pulsed and continuous wave frequencies.


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NEW "SL-50 Cluster Laser" - Laser Therapeutics Inc.
Wrinkle Reduction  |  Pain Relief  |  Beautiful Skin
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